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Top Healer Pion Plus

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Top Healer & Pion Plus
Alkali lonized Water Generator


It is a medical appliance that generates acid water, purified water and drinkable alkaline water to improve stomach problems whose pH level is between 8.5~10.0 by electolyzing tap water with Tio2 platinum electrolytic bath.


  1. Generate alkaline ionized water, purified water, acid water
  2. Small cluster of water(quick absorption)
  3. Generate high concentration of active hydrogen
  4. Big sized platinum titanium electrolyzer
  5. Highly efficient 8 level complex filter
  6. Anti-bacteria electrolysis device
  7. Auto cleansing system
  8. Auto voice notice / digital tough system
  9. Digital mycom self-diagnosis system
  10. Auto voice/screen notice for filter exchange period
  11. Patent technology (Gold prize at USA Int’l New Technology Invention Fair
    (Alternative medicine))


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